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In the Light Industrial area of Killarney Gardens, West of Cape Town, lies Emerald Infrastructure Solutions cc, supplier of Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Generators, Solar Solutions, Data Centre Infrastructure, Service and Preventative Maintenance.

Our branded vehicles

Since Duncan Cackett started the business in 2010, it has been the pleasure of Emerald Infrastructure Solutions cc to bring you effortless back-up power solutions for all and every need you require, both commercial and residential. The team at Emerald Infrastructure Solutions cc has more than 30 years combined experience in information technology precision backup power and general electrical infrastructure.

Today green has become a buzz word for most suppliers to ensure a competitive advantage and continued business sustainability. But yet many products and solutions are the same as before, just rewritten to make the prospectus look better.

At Emerald Infrastructure Solutions, our motto is to provide solutions that will ensure the continued and growing existence of our planet.

Who we are

Emerald Infrastructure Solutions cc is a family business, owned by the Cackett family who knows that the best asset in their business is their employees. We are a company that strive to be the best at what we do, providing quality equipment and quality after sales technical support to our customers all year round,: Allowing you the peace of mind that we are just a phone call away.

Our philosophy is to provide the customer with a solution that does what was promised at the price it was expected in an atmosphere that is honest, open and transparent. We believe that the cheapest is not necessarily the best, but the best is not necessarily the most expensive.

We will provide an environment for our staff and partners that provides the structure for growth and development and reward people for their efforts.

Honesty is the only policy and our word will always remain our “honour”.

The company insists on high ethical standards which brings with it a feeling of responsibility and accountability to its country, its residents and the environment as a whole. In the Emerald family there is no room for discrimination. Race, sex or religion is not the grounds used to judge an employee or any person for that matter.


Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety of our business is a critical element to ensure that the standards set out by the Government is to adhered too at any given time. The management of Emerald Infrastructure Solutions strives for excellence in all we do and recognizes the impact that our activities may have on people and the environment.

Emerald Infrastructure Solutions business concept is built around providing customers value by delivering quality and innovative infrastructure solutions across the full value chain. The achievement of Health and Safety best practice at all levels of the group must become a way of life for all of us and be part of our value system.

We strive to implement and maintain, as far as is reasonable practicable, the activities of the company in such a manner, as to prevent harm or damage to persons and property respectfully. Safety, health and protection of the environment will form an integral part of our planning and decision making. We will manage our company, wherever we do business, in an ethical way that strikes an appropriate and well-reasoned balance between economic, social and environmental needs.

We are committed to:

Conducting our business with respect and care for people and the environment

Responsible utilization of natural resources

Continually improving our safety, health and environmental performance

Complying, as a minimum, with all applicable legal and agreed requirements

Promoting dialogue with stakeholders about safety, health and environmental performance


Unit 16, Killarney Plaza
Killarney Ave
Killarney Gardens
Cape Town
South Africa