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Battery Maintenance

Keeping your infrastructure healthy

Our routine maintenance consists of

  • Enclosure checks: This ensures the physical environment is still suitable for housing the batteries.
  • Battery checks: We confirm the integrity of the batteries and connecting cables.
  • Voltage checks: The grounding of the battery bank and voltage of each battery is checked.
  • System integrity: The battery bank runtime and recharge time is tested.

All results are recorded and provided to the client in writing. Where the battery bank performance is outside of the design parameter, the variance and associated risk is indicated.

Without a battery bank, a UPS is essentially a white elephant. The purpose of the batteries is to act as a source of electrical supply via the UPS to your business critical electrical systems. The runtime of the batteries allows time for the generator(s) to start and take over the electrical load from the batteries. 

When a generator does not start the batteries provide a further buffer period during which the faulty generator can be returned to a working condition. The runtime of batteries reduce over their lifespan, increasing the risk of a complete shutdown of critical systems. 

It is preferred to have the UPS' and batteries serviced at the same time to ensure maximum efficiency and functionality.


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