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Generator Maintenance

Your backup power - always reliable

Our maintenance rountine

Monthly checks:
Fluid levels 
Radiator and connecting hoses 
Block heater 
Governor operation 
Voltage regulator 
Battery electrolyte level 
Charging voltage 
Record hours run 
Record kwh reading 
Check for fluid leaks 
Housekeeping clean up

Quarterly checks:
A monthly check is performed 
Fan belt inspection 
Clean and inspect battery terminals

Annual checks:
Change engine sump oil 
Change oil filter 
Empty, flush and refill radiator 
Change bypass oil filter 
Flush daily fuel tank 
Change air and fuel filters 
Check and clear crankcase breathers 
Check all nuts, bolts and clamps 
Check starter motor solenoid 
Check all electrical connections 
Clean engine 
Remove and clean air grills 
Inspect all alternator output connections 
Clean alternator 
Inspect all components and enclosure 
Inspect all wiring and terminals 
Clean switchboard 
Test with load

All results are recorded and provided to the client in writing.
All identified risks are included in the written report. 
The client is reponsible for checking levels of bulk fuel storage.

We also provide fuel polishing to ensure the longevity of your generator.


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